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The Cornish coast attracts people from all over the world with its beauty and tranquillity. Having lived in Cornwall all my life I have never been far from the sea. Water is part of us and surrounds us, taking up 70% of the world surface. The water and especially the sea with its ever changing moods, it is what makes Cornwall unique and special.

When people see the sea or coast or anything in this world it is a split second in time making it the past very quickly. When using long exposures, you have captured the past present and the future, a piece of time within an image, not just a brief moment.

I want to show, the beauty that I see when, I experiment with the use of time within long exposures in my photography. To enable the viewer to see the creativity and the uniqueness that timed exposures through the movement of water and fluidity in or around its natural environment. The theme of my project is to do with the movement of water, also known as seascapes and capturing the many moods of the sea and waiting for it too unfold and using time as part of my equipment.

Photographs by Andrew Gilbert – www.argilbertphotography.co.uk