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Jade Berry is an experimental photographer based in Cornwall who uses a range of methods and techniques to create striking and visual imagery with analogue cameras and film. This photo gallery is a selection of her works exploring the theme of adolescence that were on show at the Newquay Art8 Festival in May.

She tells us: “Adolescence is a documentary project on my life, recording me and my friends and the feelings of becoming an adult. I have photographed the importance of this time of our lives and also to make memories. Becoming an adult is a challenge, this is the time of our lives where we need to stand on our two feet, but it’s a time to embrace our own freedom and most of us forget that.

“I think life is beautiful so I want to show others how fun life can be. I’m a photographer who uses analogue cameras and film, I strive to capture life’s important moments before they become lost forever. I mainly use 35mm film because I like the aesthetic.”

Visit Jade’s website at www.jadeberryphotography.com to see more of her work.